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Good Samaritan rescues starving, injured dog in Homestead, Florida

Mirta Maltese

For those of us raised in the Christian faith, the story of the Good Samaritan was taught to us at a very young age. That timeless story of the man beaten and robbed left lying in a ditch while others passed by turning a blind eye to his plight. Only one person stopped to help the man.

However, this story still holds true today as society and people in general have become so caught up with their own stress of day to day living that they have become apathetic to the suffering of others. They have hardened their hearts and do not want to “get involved.”

On April 12, 2014 a dog wandered into a CVS pharmacy in Homestead, Florida and collapsed from exhaustion. He went inside hoping for help and mercy and received none. The manager of the CVS ignored the dog's desperate plea for help, dragged him out of the store and dumped him at a park across the street.

This park is in an urban area and a known place for drug users and dealers. What would make this manager even think this was a good environment to dump a dog obviously on his last leg? The drug dealers also ignored the dog's plight, tied two bags around his neck and imprisoned him in a gated dumpster area.

Mirta Maltese of Chain of Love Rescue was the good Samaritan in this case. When she heard of this dog’s plight she immediately went looking for him. She drove into the park and bravely approached a group of local drug addicts who were loitering in the park and asked them if they had seen a dog dumped there. One answered her saying the dog had been taken to the garbage dumpster behind the pharmacy and locked in the enclosure around it. Mirta found the despondent, exhausted dog lying on the ground and panting heavily. She opened the gate and got him out. She gave him water and put him in the shade.

The poor dog was in bad shape. He appeared to be a senior dog and did not have many teeth and a horrible gum infection. He was undernourished and had injuries on both hind legs. Like the victim in that biblical story he also had been beaten, starved and left for dead.

Mirta started him on antibiotics and will take him for a full checkup at Aussie Animal Hospital on Friday. She named him Basille and although she has a short term foster for him, she is looking for longer term accomodations for him.

Basille will need more extensive medical care due to his injuries and malnourishment. Mirta is asking for donations to help her continue to help Basille.

Or you can donate via Paypal to the account Chain of Love. Or call Aussie Animal Hospital directly or mail checks to:

Chain of Love Abandoned Animals Rescue

P.O.Box 343262, Homestead, FL 33034

Shame on the manager of the CVS Pharmacy in Homestead, Florida for turning a desperate dog away when he came to him for help. Shame on the drug addicts who dumped him in an enclosed dumpster area where he could have been killed or crushed by a garbage truck.

Kudos to Mirta Maltese who did what needed to be done to save this dog, who looked at him as a living creature of value and not a piece of worthless garbage.

“Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy”

Matthew 5:7

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