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Good Samaritan murdered after knock at door: Thomas Sonnenberg-Devon Parker

true crime Minnesota
true crime Minnesota

The Herald Sun is reporting today that a good Samaritan was killed in his home by an ex-con who knocked on the front door and begged for help. Police say, Thomas Sonnenberg, 69, was shot and killed in his home by Devon Derrick Parker. Police believe the motive was robbery.

2014: Good Samaritan Thomas Sonnenberg case details

Thomas Sonnenberg lived in his Minneapolis home with his wife. The Aldrich Avenue home is located near an area with a reputation for crime. But, that didn't stop Thomas Sonnenberg from helping people in distress.

Friends and family members describe Sonnenberg as a gentle man who treated everyone with kindness, according to the Star Tribune.

Police say, the elderly man was shot in the head when he called 911. The police arrived at the home just as Devon Derrick Parker was attacking Thomas Sonnenberg's wife, who was later hospitalized for her injuries.

Thomas Sonnenberg's daughter told USA Today that she believes the burglar bars that had recently been placed on the home for protection, trapped the robber inside with the couple.

Devon Derrick Parker was arrested and charged with murder.

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