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Good Samaritan hopes to find impounded puppy's homeless guardian

Via Facebook

A good Samaritan is trying to save the life of a six-month-old puppy who lost her guardian in San Antonio, Texas, last Thursday.

According to the woman, the dog was walked into a veterinary clinic last Thursday by a homeless woman who was hoping to board the pup for the day. Unfortunately, the puppy was not current on her vaccinations and the woman did not have the funds to purchase what was needed.

Unable to utilize the veterinary boarding, the pup, dubbed "Delilah," was tied up outside of the clinic and the woman left to do whatever errand required her to be without the dog. Later that evening, animal control came and retrieved the puppy from where she had been tethered in the shade, with her bowl of water and food - according to the good Samaritan, the homeless woman returned a mere 20 minutes later to retrieve her dog.

Today, she is hoping to find the woman and reunited her with the pup, who is currently being held at the San Antonio Animal Care Services facility. She stated:

I've posted flyers all over the area in hopes she will see her pup and call me but no luck.

She added:

This pup had someone who loved her. If I cannot find her mom all I want is for her to live and have a loving home.

The pup has been visited in her animal control kennel run - behind the bars and within the frightening environment, she is initially defensive. However, after she learns that she will not be hurt, she relaxes and allows others to offer her comfort.

Please take a moment to network Delilah's information:

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