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Good Samaritan cuts truck apart to save kitten: Errand Frazier's 'purrfect tail'

Good Samaritan Cuts Truck Apart to Save Kitten: Animal Hero Errand Frazier's 'Purrfect Tail'
Good Samaritan Cuts Truck Apart to Save Kitten: Animal Hero Errand Frazier's 'Purrfect Tail'
Errand Frazier / Humane Society of Vero Beach & Indian River County / CNN

If you need a little good news, you’re in luck! With Father's Day coming up, this heartwarming story is the “purrfect tail." According to an ABC WPBF news report published on June 13, a 50-year-old Florida man is in the news for his over-the-top kind deed.

Last month, Errand Frazier heard a noise coming from his Chevy pickup that was parked outside his Florida home. After inspecting his truck, he couldn’t see where the noise was coming from or what was making the noise. He left a can of open cat food under one of his tires and also set up a camera which would hopefully shed some light on the mystery.

The next morning, the food was gone but there was nothing on the video. Puzzled, Frazier hopped in his truck and headed out for a little fishing fun and once again, heard the purring noise. He grabbed the metal cutters from his tool box and began cutting away the metal on the side of his truck bed. Now, how many folks would do that? Frazier said in a telephone interview, he didn’t think twice about damaging his truck. He just wanted to find a way to help the animal, no matter what it took. Once he cut a hole in the side of his Chevy, Frazier saw a tiny kitten lodged in the frame of the truck. He didn't know what to do and contacted an area humane society. He drove very carefully to the shelter and staff from the Humane Society of Vero Beach and Indian River County were waiting for Frazier. Together, they sprung the eight-week old kitten from her very tight spot. “She wouldn’t budge,” Frazier said. It took them all about 20 minutes to rescue her. Once she was out, she practically jumped into the carrier! Frazier said, despite her ordeal, she appeared to be uninjured and in good health.

Helping animals-in-need is nothing new for Frazier. He and his wife, Cindy, have rescued animals in the past and are pet parents to a dog and two cats. The Humane Society posted the story of the Good Samaritan on their Facebook page and several people have offered to help fix Frazier’s truck. Both Frazier and his wife have disabilities and are unable to afford to fix their only vehicle. Cindy Frazier posted a message on Facebook to thank everyone for the outpouring of kind comments:

I just want to thank everyone for all the wonderful comments and for everyone making my husband feel very special he is very special to me he is my best friend and he has a very tough life and all the wonderful comments have renewed his outlook on people my husband is a awesome man and has the biggest heart of anyone I have ever seen...

Megan the kitty will soon be ready to hitch a ride to her once-and-furever home. She has been adopted! But this time, she'll be riding in the passenger portion of the vehicle! And a great big thank you to Errand Frazier, animal hero extraordinaire!

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