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Good Samaritan breaks out car window to save distressed puppy

Good Samaritan breaks window to save puppy
Good Samaritan breaks window to save puppy
Screen shot via WLNS News

According to Sunday's WLNS News, a compassionate good Samaritan in Jackson, Mich., took action when he observed a golden retriever puppy who was locked inside of a parked car while outdoor temperatures hovered in the 90s.

A woman alerted Alex Soper to the puppy's presence inside of the vehicle - together, the pair waited for 30 minutes for the owner of the car to return, but after seeing the puppy grow increasingly distressed, Soper took matters into his own hands and busted out one of the car's windows.

Soper explained what happened to WLNS News:

It was in the heat of the moment. This lady was distressed. She tells me everything and i look in there. There's this helpless dog again and it had to be done. Somebody has to do it whether it was me or the next person that walked up behind me. Someone was going to end up doing it,"

He added:

"It was a hot hot day and it was hot inside the car and the windows weren't even cracked not that I condone that but not even a window cracked,

Soper had phoned the police before breaking out the window to rescue the puppy, but they had not arrived before he took action. Now, it is possible that he could face charges for breaking one of the car windows. Soper does not seemed concerned about that possibility - in fact, he has indicated that he would do it again, if needed.

Warms days, dogs and parked cars do not mix - earlier this month, a San Francisco, Calif., dog walker lost her professional license after leaving eight dogs inside of a parked van. Three Rottweilers died in Oregon after being left for hours inside of a truck which was parked outside of a restaurant in early June, and six dogs died after being left in a vehicle by a Langley, B.C., dog walker in May.

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