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Good safety habits can keep you protected from crime

When you enter a building, make a mental note of the location of the exit doors.
When you enter a building, make a mental note of the location of the exit doors.
Dan Vale

Most of the time, good safety habits will seem to be useless. Maybe one time out of a hundred times, however, a criminal will appear, and the performance of good safety habits can keep potential victims safe from crime. This article discusses only a few examples of many good safety habits that everyone should follow.

One good safety habit is to shop during daylight hours. During the night, because of more limited visibility, it is harder for everyone to be aware of their surroundings. People could form the habit of shopping at night and do so for years without being victimized. However, the chances of becoming a crime victim are greater at night than they are during the day.

As already mentioned, people should have the habit of scanning their immediate environment for danger. Daydreamers might have no trouble for years, but eventually, the habit of not frequently scanning their immediate environment will make it more likely that they will become be crime victims.

There is a way for everyone to test their awareness of their immediate environment. Those who are ever startled by anyone were probably not aware of their immediate environment during that time frame.

It is important for everyone to get into the habit of locking their car and house doors immediately after they enter their cars or houses, even when there is nobody in sight. This habit will assure that everyone will have habitually locked their doors when they are too distracted to notice that there are criminals present.

Upon entering a building, everyone should have the habit of looking to see where the building exits are located. Then, if an emergency, such as a fire, occurs, these observations will have saved them seconds which could be critical to their survival.

After motorists park their cars, they should always memorize where their cars are parked. This is especially true for senior citizens. Those who do not always do this will have to roam the parking lot searching for their cars. Especially at night, this increases the chances of a criminal encounter.

Before going to bed, it is a good habit to check the security of all doors and windows in the home. Most of the time, all of them will be secure. Once in a while, this security check will find an insecure door or window that could have endangered everyone in the home for the entire night.

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