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Good news update - escaped cow may go to Farm Sanctuary


Farm Sanctuary cabins - Photo courtesy of Mr. Weatherbee/Andy (

The story of one courageous cow may just have a happy ending after all.

Despite initial reports that she had been returned to the slaughterhouse from which she'd escaped, the New York Times now reports that the cow - nicknamed Molly, according to an article on - corralled yesterday by police in Queens, NY is in fact now residing temporarily at a Brooklyn animal shelter.

According to the Times report, Richard P. Gentles, a spokesman for the shelter operated by New York City's Animal Care & Control agency, states that they have "already started to contact... Farm Sanctuary and other sanctuaries to see if they would be able to take her", further stating, "...our medical department is evaluating her. We got it set up so she has hay and water and all that good stuff.”

That's a far cry - and a long run - from internment in a slaughterhouse.

Peaceful cows at Farm Sanctuary - Photo courtesy of jeniphur99 (

 Mr Gentles said that Molly would not be returned to the slaughterhouse, as no one had called or shown up to claim her.  He said that, in his experience, "nobody has come forward in the past and asked to claim their cow."

The Times reports that it appears that Molly had not been tranquilized during capture and that she "came peacefully," perhaps indicative of an innate understanding that she was no longer in danger but rather in the presence of benevolent caregivers.  A police spokesperson said he believed Molly had acted to save her own life, again showing an intuitive understanding of what was going on around her and, ultimately, of what was to come.


  • Ivy 5 years ago

    Fantastic news! Thanks for the update.

  • Katie S 5 years ago

    I love stories with happy endings! Farm Sanctuary is awesome. So glad Molly is going to pasture where she'll be safe.

  • gabbygirl 5 years ago

    What a beautiful article- I'm glad Molly had the courage to escape- is it a coincidence that the name of the man who brought Molly to a better place was named "Mr. Gentles?!" One last thing: Peaceful cows at Farm Sanctuary photo- as opposed to the savage cows of the serengeti?! LOL!