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Good news from Lubber Run hike

Ballston to Lubber Run hike
Ballston to Lubber Run hike
James George

Today’s Sunday hike brought some good news to light. There are healthy bluegills in the Four Mile Run. This is an excellent sign that the water quality is improved, at least for the moment. The brook was bubbling too.

Crossfit training in Ballston
James George

The hike began in Ballston as we walked by the Crossfit training group who pulled weights in a short sprint. Our exercise program was to go the distance for 2 miles out and 2 miles back through the Lubber Run park and return on the railway trail.

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While we witnessed historical sites and lots of trees and wildlife, I missed a great shot of a Baltimore oriole. There was a fine cardinal to capture, and a deer moved in the distant shadows at one point as people jogged by.

“The Foundations course is our beginner's class and is designed to prepare individuals who are new to the CrossFit movements for our ongoing CrossFit group classes (WOD's). Foundations consists of 6 sessions, 3x per week over 2 weeks. These training classes have a low coach to student ratio to ensure that students learn the correct techniques for the CrossFit movements. You can enroll in our next scheduled Foundations program or you can arrange private Foundations with a coach during a time that best meets your needs. Attendance at each session is essential in obtaining the skills necessary for our daily WOD's. Movement techniques will be drilled into, as well as a progressive introduction to the intensity levels that are inherent in our WOD's. If you are unsure as to whether you are a good candidate for beginning in a class setting, please contact us to discuss.
Current Foundations schedule: See dates and times at the bottom of this page where you can register for Foundations at Ballston CrossFit.”