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Good news for those who want job training

Governor Schwarzenegger has announced that the Fresno Career Development Institute will recieve $1 million of stimulus funds for job training in the following fields: logistics, networking, engineering, and pharmaceuticals. The good news came on Wednesday, January 20th. This will benefit the citizens of Fresno who happen to be unemployed or unsatisfied with their current jobs.

Fresno is in dire need of these funds since the unemployment rate hit 16.5% in November of last year. The unemployment rate for the entire state of California is around 12.4%. With these stimulus funds, those who want that extra training to get a job will have a chance to get it. That's going to be a major boost in their confidence and self esteem, not to mention their well being.

For more information, please visit the Fresno Career Development Institute website: or call (559) 498-7155. The Fresno Career Development Institute is located at 1645 E Street.


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