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Good News for Bruce Karatz’ KB Homes in 2014!

Bruce Karatz’s KB Homes is starting 2014 off on an outstanding note, with a Double ZeroHouse in Lancaster, huge brand new homes in San Antonio, and plans for over eighty new properties in San Francisco!
In a time when energy consumption has reached horribly high levels in the United States, more and more home builders are looking to construct properties that can potentially extinguish this wasteful epidemic. KB Homes has just unveiled their new family-of-four home in Lancaster, CA, and it definitely lives up to its nickname the ‘DoubleZero House’. According to the Fort Mills Times, this place can possibly have an electric bill of $0! The house is set up to recycle water that it uses into H20 for landscaping on the property, and can save about 150,000 gallons of water annually with that feature alone!
San Antonio is also getting a taste of KB Homes already this year. There’s a model house set up in Park Vista for tours every 24 hours, and potential buyers (prices are starting in the $190,000 arena) get a choice between seven floor plans of one or two stories. The best part is that they can customize just about anything about their home that they can think of! Aside from the fact that Park Vista is one of the most attractive places to live in the country (the beautiful area features playgrounds for kids, nice picnic areas, and a dog park right there in the neighborhood) the experts at KB Homes will walk them through everything step-by-step as the excited future home-owners use their imaginations and design the house of their dreams!
Even with all of these great things going on for KB Homes already this year, there are still even more promising plans for home-buyers in 2014, notably the plans for Lower Pacific Heights in San Francisco. Recent reports show that condominiums have been selling like hot cakes in that area with no sign of slowing down any time soon. According to the San Fran Business Times, KB Homes is starting its second development there at 2655 Bush Street. The plans are for 81 luxury condos at that location, and they will probably be already sold (at least in the minds of potential buyers) by the time the units are complete. Everything is expected to be finished by early next year, and folks who want to move to the area can’t wait!


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