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Good News for All Jobseekers

I am very excited to share this bit of news with all my friends - after an absence of over 10 years, I am back on the radio. The name of my show is "All Things Employment" and with my co-host Robynne Rose-Haymer and my crew, we discuss - all things employment. Topics and subjects include: Interviewing; Networking, Resume/Cover letter development; Self-esteem and motivation; Money management; Time budgeting; Accepting rejection and failure; Salary negotiation; entrepreneurship, and so much more. We have guests and experts and employers (oh my).

And yes, we have some crazy stuff too - I did the Ice Bucket Challenge and will talk about the real purpose behind all the craziness - Tuesday, September 2nd 8pm - 10pm PST.

Now, things have slightly changed from the last time i was on the radio. Today, I am doing an ONLINE radio show - one that can be heard all over the world on I am also filming each episode to be shown on youtube. Simply go to youtube and type allthingsemployment (one word) and viola, all the past episodes are there.

You can also download the free app "radio loyalty"to listen on your mobile devices. Wow, things have changes a bit. And speaking of changes, are you changing too or all you stuck on the "this is the way I always did it" mode? With each generation, comes the acceptance of new ideas, concepts, even taboos. I will bet that 5 years from now tattoos and piercings will be greatly accepted in the workplace although some places, like hospitals, will still forbid them.

So, check us out and take a listen. Jobeekers, this one is for you. I always speak on what makes sense to me. Try this: "Successful people make life happen for them; they don't let life happen to them".

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