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'Good Luck Charlie' star death threats: 5 y/o Mia Talerico gets death threats?

Mia Talerico
Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images

"Good Luck Charlie" star Mia Talerico has received death threats online and police are actively investigating. On Feb. 5, CNN reported that the Disney star is learning about the dangerous side of fame and fortune at a very young age. While she is only 5-years-old, Talerico is a very sweet, talented kid -- and apparently that really bothers some people. Sadly, at least one person is responsible for posting that Talerico should "die."

According to TMZ, police found these disturbing messages on Talerico's social media accounts, namely on her Instagram. There was even a photo of the young girl defaced which was, perhaps, the most disturbing.

The "Good Luck Charlie" star's death threats are not being overlooked nor are they being taken lightly. It is very frightening to even think that someone would want a child to die but there are very sick people in the world and nothing can be taken too seriously. Police have not said whether or not Mia is in any immediate danger -- but they have said that they are trying to keep things confidential for her safety.

"Our threat analysis unit always keeps our threat investigations findings and recommendations confidential because often the people who make threats read the media coverage they receive," LAPD Cmdr. Andrew Smith confirmed to People Magazine.

The "Good Luck Charlie" star is receiving death threats just before the last episode of the show airs. Though popular, Disney canceled the show after 100 episodes.

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