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'Good Luck Charlie' same-sex couple introduced, a first for the Disney Channel

News about "Good Luck Charlie" was trending as a same-sex couple was introduced for the first time on the family-oriented television program and on any network in general.

According to Us magazine, the Disney Channel illustrated that the kid-friendly show is now including lesbian mothers who parent the character of Taylor.

Charlie's dad, Bob (played by Eric Allan Kramer), was kind of confused about the matter until finally realizing that "Taylor has two moms."

He said toward the end of the last episode of "Good Luck Charlie" on the Disney Channel on Sunday that he had met Taylor’s mother Susan but he was absolutely sure her name was Cheryl. Then he connected the dots.

And so, while this charming sitcom went through some silly antics as sitcoms are want to do, fans ultimately met the pair of women who are parents to Taylor. This happened right after the character's play date with Charlie.

By way of background, the Disney Channel countered any possible negative reaction to the addition of these caring same-sex characters by issuing a statement in July.

The powers that be advise that an upcoming episode of "Good Luck Charlie" would be written "under the consultancy of child development experts and community advisers." At the time, this was an unusual way to introduce new character, but last night's reveal seemed to be a non issue so perhaps this preemptive measure did what it was meant to do.

"Good Luck Charlie" has been airing since 2010 on the Disney Channel, which is now aiming to connect with its viewers by offering relevant content. That said, this same-sex couple has been warmly welcomed into the Disney family.

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