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Good is our sole purpose


In Kabbalah one of the most important things you can learn is how to listen. Listening involves discrimination along many dimensions of inquiry. It is important however, in listening that you are careful about the negative influences that may come from your environment or even others around you.

The one thing that you can do to avoid toxic invasion is to promote your thoughts. When you do this you simply provide another avenue for your thoughts to write about. You do not have to become the medium for another's impressions. There's a time to listen and a time to express yourself. All events become an opportunity to test your theories.

You may start off with an inspiration coming from the deepest perhaps even the most unknown parts of you. It is here that you will build your worlds of choice.
Words may flow like the wind through the trees. Perfection lies within each moment based upon your capacity for innovation. You have to be willing to chart the unknown. There has always been a purpose that drives your becoming. It is something that you have learned through the years to trust. This purpose is like planting the flag of discovery everywhere you go.

You claim your uncharted territory by discovering it anew each day. You are constantly opening up new areas, and as you do, you open the way to bring into being all that has come before. Awareness is the key. What you become aware of is the surrounding influences and then decide either to merge making your own field of attraction or to separate disassociating yourself from negative influences.

This is where discrimination comes into play. All of us are ready to run with the ball unless that ball becomes a hot potato in which case we drop and pick something more appropriate to build our life experiences out of.

What all of this comes down to in terms of Kabbalah is the fear of HVy”H. God is a concept that we have to come to terms with. It is a principle that holds us accountable for our actions and our thoughts since it is by these alone that our lives are directed. Our chosen direction, thoughts and actions all must begin with holiness and a consistent way of being. We start with realizing that there is good and that is our sole purpose.

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