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Good intentions make for good communication

Couples start the New Year with a great start
Couples start the New Year with a great start
Photo by Michael Loccisano

You and your partner or husband may have some lows in your relationship that will need to be worked through together as a couple to ensure that the two of you can continue with good intentions and real love between you. Your life together will be an ongoing experience that always needs to be nurtured to share great intimacy and form strong bonds together. Communicating with the man you are with and having him really listen to you and take an interest in what you say is important to your success in a relationship.
Fostering good communication between the two of you will guarantee that both of you are expressing your feelings appropriately and in a caring way. The goal is to have him share his intimate thoughts and feelings with you. Talk to him in a way he can relate to using words and expressions he is comfortable with to engage him in the conversation. Limit the conversation to the most pressing issues when discussing problems so as to avoid the appearance that there are too many to overcome.
Let him know that you love him and want to strengthen your relationship. Don’t make him feel as if you want to end it because you are dissatisfied. This will cause him to move further away from you emotionally and may well mean the two of you parting forever.
Approach the problem solving as something you are doing together, this will form a new bond and a common goal as you proceed in your relationship. With this new interest in building a life together he may be more open to sharing his intimate feelings and be receptive to your ideas.
Always make sure you let him know you are interested in his feelings and desires so as not to appear one sided or as if your feelings are all that matter. Good communication means talking to each other and listening to what your partner has to say. Try it and you may find yourself having a more rewarding relationship than you ever expected.