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Good intentions are not enough!

A battle is raging on in Quebec to dirty up the reputation of cat shelters and close them down. Very nasty campaign! One individual actually hijacked the suburb city of Laval and controls the money that is made on animals.

A handful of busybodies backed by HSI and animal control are using social media to spread false informations and photoshopped pictures on the net to make believe that cat shelters in greater Montreal are no place to help rescued cats recuperate in order to be adopted in good families. Since no better system has been invented yet I guess shelters will have to do.

As somebody puts it: New approach to poison the minds of the readers. It's the Vladamir Lenin approach. Say it often enough and it becomes the truth.

Such an attitude is jeopardizing the help the real rescuers want to bring to abandoned cats. All that these busybodies have to offer is a trap and kill method which we know does not work to control the overpopulation. But cities pay per animal killed in animal pounds so there is money to be made.

I was wondering how two huge animal welfare organizations in Toronto could be at each others’ throat last year when they had the same goals but I figure now that some people (not to say girls) do this in order to put down the competition and elevate their status in the community as stars.

Well, they are no stars to the stray cats in the Montreal area. Stray cats have been dying frozen in snow banks or in makeshift shelters outside properties. Little mothers are dying while having their babies because March is over and winter is not. Rescuers do not dare open another shelter in fear of being the target of animal control or HSI and work under the radar to do what they can.

While a psychopath can organize a protest in front of a shelter and the video he made of it circulate on social media, volunteers who do care about the cats inside are harassed when they want to go in. It does not make sense for us animal lovers. We would have imagined that at least the police officer on the sidewalk with protesters (about 5 individuals) could have handled the situation.

When the same psychopath harasses the founder of the same cat shelter into her private life, publishes private photos with information he made up and nobody intervene but “share” on social media. When a restraining order does not even work to assure calm and serenity at the shelter and police officers do not even intervene to have it respected. Something is wrong, very wrong in the Quebec mentality towards animals and their rescuers.

Mark my words: liking on Facebook never saved a cat and it never will.

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