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Good examples of family

Just like on their wedding day, Alan gives Beverly a token of his love (50th Anniversary; 06/02/2012).
Just like on their wedding day, Alan gives Beverly a token of his love (50th Anniversary; 06/02/2012).
Melissa L. Stoneburner

Today is Beverly and Alan Weaver’s 52nd wedding anniversary. They are good examples of what parents should be to their children and grandchildren!

This couple endured a lot. They were married at the mere age of 19 (days before both turned 20). Life’s challenges were just beginning.

Their first son was stillborn which is difficult for any couple to endure, but at such a tender age, must be heart-wrenching! They went on though and throughout the next eight years were able to have three living children; two daughters and a son.

As parents go, they were great. They did their best to show their children the ropes of life and how to accept failure; teaching them that life takes hard work and dedication and that nothing in life is to be expected without working for it!

Although Beverly was not allowed by her parents to accept her college offers, she is a very intelligent, highly read individual that worked in the Bronson School System for practically 30 years. She was a leader in her own right and respected for the great work she provided. She is a lady that not only her children can look up to, but that many members of her community still keep in contact with because she has touched their lives in such a positive way.

Alan never believed he would be able to get a college education because it was not something his family could offer him. He did receive his college degree though and uses life as a teaching tool on a daily basis to keep up with the world. When his oldest daughter was younger, she thought he was a genius and he had done everything possible since then to maintain that status.

Children are not always as lucky these days to have such living, breathing examples of the hard work and dedication it takes to keep a marriage alive and be parents through day-to-day life struggles. Many people would not make it and in today’s society, many don’t even care to try.

Alan and Beverly are the example that people should follow. They have never turned away from their children and today, they are passing those examples on to their two grandsons as well; showing them that they will be there for them through thick-and-thin. This couple never backs down from challenge and is always there when their family needs them.

So, today, the world should take example, too, from this steadfast couple as they make their journey throughout the rest of their lives together. Is it easy? Absolutely not! It takes a lot of work, but it can be done. Marriage and parenting mean a lot to the Weavers and they are here to prove that it can be done right!

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