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Good customer service includes making employees feel appreciated

Most companies push for good customer service.  However, many of the companies fail to remember that the employees are also guests.  If an employee does not feel appreciated for their efforts, it will usually show.  Employers need to make more efforts to treat the employees in the manner in which they want the customers to be treated.

In today's world of so many businesses going bankrupt or going out of business, cuts are being made to save money.  These cuts often create added responsibilities on the remaining  employees which can take away from customer service. This trend appears to be even stronger in casinos.

The popular comment is we have table games and machines so you have to make the customer want to be in our casino.  The added duties can take customer service out of the picture.  Customers want to feel important since they are spending their hard earned money.

The owners need to make sure everyone has the tools to succeed and the positive training necessary to treat the customers properly.  Making too many deep cuts can chase customers away.  The customers are aware what cuts have been made and will go elsewhere.  The important question is that after disappointing a customer, how  much will it cost to get them to come back?


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