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Good choices often the lesser of many evils

Thomas Amshay
Thomas Amshay
Pheas Phos of Honolulu

Okay, here is the deal that everybody needs to pay attention to UNLESS they:

  • Make an effort to eat a genuinely clean diet
  • Check sugar at least a couple mornings per week.

Ohioans take note

A recent study found that there is a sharp increase in the rate of diabetes among children. Ohio is one of the states tested.

Don't pooh-pooh this because the test subjects were probably younger than you

Compared to 2001

  • About 30.5 percent more type-2 (acquired) diabetes was reported
  • Type-1 (congenital -- from birth) was up about 21 percent.

Granted the data refers to children and the 15 to 19 age group had the sharpest increases, but the numbers are astronomical and they ought to send a major warning anybody who eats food.

And so what does that mean to adults?

Quick: What on earth do you suppose has caused the massive uptick in diabetes?

Did you say food? Of course. What else can it be?

There are those saying the increase has something to do with the environment. Take that for what it is worth. I say very little is what it is worth. Even if it is something in the environment it is coming to us through the food.

Seriously, could the study comment be more vague than saying it's coming from the environment?

What is the environment? It's everything, yes?

It is so stupid for them to say it's the environment.

I believe that saying something like that indicates some agenda to make it sound like the climate is causing diabetes.

But lets say we concede that it's something in the environment. Put it into perspective: How else is the environment affecting sugar and insulin levels except through what we eat?

Just be careful

Government-generated as well as AMA and JAMA reports are suspect inside my head. Look for who funded any study.

And always read the final paragraph that proclaims more study is needed, and read it as meaning give us more money so we have jobs next year.

Who has the worst nutrition habits?

Kids, yes? Not all of them, but the majority know nothing about

  • food
  • what is in the food
  • what it does when it gets inside us.

So it is no mystery why youngsters are being diagnosed with acquired diabetes.

And sooner or later the kids have kids. So a lot of pregnant women eat like morons, and we get the major increase in children born diabetic.

Not many in the medical profession know much about food, but you will not find anybody who tells you it is okay to eat anything and everything.

The ones to worry about

Prepared and packaged food containing high sodium and, of course, sugar -- and sugar's cheaper replacements of which there are many starting at the top with corn sweeteners.

I guess I am a so-called expert, but at least I admit I don't know everything

Many so-called experts blame all the obesity and growing maladies on corn sweeteners and their ilk, while admittely some say it makes no difference.

And nowadays we should think about GMO corn being used in corn sweeteners. Of course again some experts say GMO is good for us.

All I'm saying is this

Read the labels and find out what the stuff you are eating and giving your children may be doing to you.

And avoid as much as you can anything you believe is not good for you.

And remember if something is bad for you short-term, more of it for a longer period is not going to make it better.

I know it is not easy to be careful, and it is difficult to cut out some of your favorite foods. All I am saying is look at the labels and choose the lesser of the many evils dound in food today.

Finally, this is a longer report of the study. There are demographics given and you will notice that, true to form, those who eat more of an Asian-Pacific Islander and American Indian diet fare much, much better. If you go to the link, make sure to read the final paragraph.

Cinta anda

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