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Good Chew Toy

Petmate Dogzilla Tug
Petmate Dogzilla Tug

Like many people on New Years Eve, my family and I went to an over-night party. However, it was not a dog-friendly party, and since our dogs aren’t trusted alone inside the house, they had to be outside all night. I couldn’t have been more worried if it was my human children I was abandoning in the cold, but my husband slapped some sense into me (figure of speech), and off we went.

I bundled them up in coats and left them in the garage with beds, extra food, a heater, blankets and a new toy from Petmate. The toy was the Petmate Dogzilla Tug, a nifty gizmo designed to keep your dogs entertained. It’s like a rubber chew on a rope, except the two rubber halves pull apart in order to hide treats or another toy inside. I stuffed in a Milk Bone, snapped it back together and left them to it.

The next morning we returned home to find the rope part well chewed, but the rubber section was still together with the toy inside. Let me tell you, it’s no mean feat to keep my beasts away from a hidden snack, and I’m sure they worked on it all night.

For the next few days, both dogs continued to gnaw at the Tug. The Akita mix gave it the occasional chew, but it was the Rhodesian ridgeback who seemed to think it was his mission in life to destroy the thing. Finally, he cracked off a piece of the rubber, and it was over. He shredded the center, (flinging chunks of blue rubber all over the carpet—though it vacuumed up easily), ate his treat and continued to munch the pieces.

Petmate claims their product have an appealing smell, texture and color for dogs, and I vouch that in the case of the Dogzilla Tug, it is indeed true. Even though my sample of the toy only lasted a few days and a night, it was worked on continuously. Most likely it would last longer with a less determined dog. Given my first hand experience with the destructive power of my ridgeback, I was impressed that the Tug lasted as long as it did.

If you’ve got a mid-large size chewer, or just need to keep your beast occupied, consider Petmate’s Dogzilla Tug, available at your local pet store and on-line.


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