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Good carb, bad carb

Spinach, a complex carb can be added to most meals to increase flavor and nutritional value
Spinach, a complex carb can be added to most meals to increase flavor and nutritional value
Phoenicia A Lewis

Recent diet fads still have people convinced that carbohydrates are their enemy. None of the items in the food’s in the pyramid are bad for you, as a matter of fact the body needs them all to function normally. Based on the daily nutrition requirements for the amount of calories from carbs, fat, and protein, it is recommended that the average adult get 55% of their calories from carbs, and that number increases as the level of activity increases. So yes carbs are necessary and therefore good for you. However not all carbs are beneficial. The truth is that there are good carbs and bad carbs and weeding out the bad carbs from your diet will help you see results in the way you look and feel.

Enriched is the word to look for when you are avoiding bad carbohydrates. What this tells you is that in the process of making your bread all the nutrients have been removed from the flour. The result to your body is instead of breaking down the bread, rice, or pasta slowly releasing steady streams of energy to the body, the body is flooded with all the sugar at once. The result of this is a sugar rush and subsequent crash and even worse the quick energy release will more likely be turned to fat and stored. Simple carbs such as cakes and cookies are obvious, but white breads and pastas are less obvious members on the list of those carbs you should avoid. Good carbs or complex carbs are full of nutrients and fiber. A few example of Complex carbs are whole grain breads, pastas, and cereals, brown rice, spinach, yams, prunes, and asparagus.

Fritto Misto with locations in Hermosa Beach and Santa Monica is a great choices for those looking to explore complex carb options when eating out. They have a make your own pasta choice which will allow you to pick your type of pasta, sauce, and any other toppings you want.

Next time you go shopping try replacing the white bread with a whole grain alternative, or try buying a whole wheat loaf from Le Pain Quotiden, or a local bakery. Remember to be sure to read the ingredients when buying grains, many multi-grain breads have enriched flour in their ingredients


  • stephen 5 years ago

    been doing "low carb" diet since august...down to my lowest weight since comes off slowly but that's where perseverance comes into play...and the exercise bike...nice article...

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