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Good 2 B at the T & G

   The Oxford dictionary defines 'tongue and groove' as "wooden planking in which adjacent boards are joined by means of interlocking ridges and grooves down their sides". I don't know what that has to do with partying but the club that goes by the same name is one funky good time.

   As we continue our tour of Lindbergh City Center, I now take you to Tongue & Groove (formally Lotus Lounge). Old clubheads will remember this club behind further north in Buckhead but was forced to relocate because we needed yet one more new high rise built in this sprouting city.

   In any case I believe the move was for the better. It's bigger and sexier and just as popular as it ever was. Quite often one will see a line forming just before opening that cascades down the sidewalk . This is a joint you want to get to early as it fills up rather quickly,plus ladies have incentive as admission is free before 11pm. Fellas we get hit up for 20 bucks. (But you expected that right?)

   The bar staff is awesome.The dance floor is plentiful, one of the best I've encountered and there is no shortage of eye-candy. The music thumps. I love the separate room that plays house...booyah!! 

   Overall there's more to love than to hate at the new T & G. It's the kinda club you can go to before the weekend jumps off, Latin Wednesdays and Hip Hop Thursdays to be specific. 

    So as we gather our information on where to go in Atlanta, don't sleep on Tongue & Groove. It's absolutely the most fun you'll have in a while. Trust!


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