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Gone With the Wind: Realistic romance and incomparable characters


 On Tuesday,Gone with the Wind celebrates it's 70th anniversary with a release of the Ultimate Collector's Edition on DVD and Blu-Ray. This commemerates 70 years of this movie's sheer beauty.

This movie provides what most romantic movies are afraid to. Even compared to movies today, Gone with the Wind provides delightfully complex characters along with realistic reactions. Vivien Leigh gives an imposing and monumentally impressive Scarlett O' Hara. So called "Heroine's" in modern day film would cause Scarlett to scoff in disapproval. It's amazing how they can start off strong, smart, and independent until the climax of the action. Somehow, they are rendered powerless and her male counterpart has to step in and save the day. There is nothing wrong with being rescued, that sort of romantic escapism sales movie tickets. But, it would be nice to see some stronger female characters step up to the plate.

One might argue that Scarlett is no heroine, and in a sense that's true. Scarlett was not a do-gooder. Her actions were lead for selfish purposes: For means of her own survival. Still, she did not waver or give in to the whim of weak morale.( As was to be expected from women in her era.) Her tenacity and fearlessness is what makes this movie so unique and entertaining.

Though Scarlett was an impressive and strong lead, she was extremely flawed. Her vain ambition and negligance constantly got in the way of her being happy. Her counterpart, Rhett Butler tirelessly tried to sway her into his love. We all know that Scarlett loved him back, but she didn't get over her pride until it was too late. Rhett Butler, played by the roughishly handsome Clark Gable was another fantastic addition to this sweeping epic. He was equally stubborn and strong willed, but unlike Scarlett, he knew he was in love. He had no illusions or false pretenses on who he was (unlike Scarlett.) He knew what he wanted and he went for it. A fearless quality that male leads most likely try to channel today. He saw Scarlett walking down those stairs and he knew right away she was different from all the other women.

This film is very long, but entirely worth watching. It's based on the novel of the same name by Margaret Mitchell. The movie provides a tumoltuous love story and fantastic characters. But it also paints a picture of life in the South before, during, and after The Civil War. It's romantic in the sense that  it was a different time. Dynamics in society were changing and people held on to notions of love and romance as something to look forward to in times of war. The landscapes and the scenery make for a beautiful epic that still runs strong as a classic, 70 years later.