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Gone Home heading to Wii U

Gone Home will be heading to the Wii U in the near future
Gone Home will be heading to the Wii U in the near future
The Fullbright Company

The Wii U will be adding one of the biggest games of 2013, as today brought news that Gone Home will be finding its way to the eShop.

Nintendo of America's Damon Baker revealed the information at the Unite 2014 conference, stating that the game, among others, would be available for download in the near future.

"We've got a lot of titles that are also confirmed to be coming out in the near future. Things like The Swapper. Things like Gone Home. So we're really excited about the level of Unity support that we're receiving already on the platform."

When it first released, Gone Home had its fair share of controversy, with most of the conversation being centered around whether or not it was actually a game. While reviews for the title were strong from critics, actual gamers had mixed feelings.

Gone Home, like the many point and click computer games of the 90s, is centered around exploration. There are lots of things to find and interact with, though gameplay isn't a very prominent feature. Where it really shines is in its story, which becomes more fleshed out the more you explore.

My main qualm with the title was its price. The game started at a steep $20, which is quite a bit for a game that can be completed in about an hour. If it keeps that price tag for the Wii U release, there is a strong chance that it will not sell nearly as well as the Fullbright Company may hope.

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