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The Rod Laver by Adidas = Classic Sneaker Style
The Rod Laver by Adidas = Classic Sneaker Style

You may have noticed it, perhaps you did not, but approximately a year and a half ago, Rod Lavers went bye-bye. Retail stores didn’t have them in stock, you couldn’t find them on the web. One day they were available and the next day, poof, gone. At Adidas, mum was the word.

But just like that, a few months ago, voila, they are back in stock. What’s the deal here, you might ask? Adidas isn’t really saying, but they pulled a similar maneuver with the “cousin” to the Rod Laver, the Stan Smith, a few years back. Claiming they didn’t want to “oversaturate” the market, they apparently have a coy policy in which they cease production for a period of time only to later revive the style. Could be a clever way to garner interest in certain product offerings, especially in this social media frenzied day in age.

So the Rod Laver is back, and why is this a good thing? Because Rod Lavers are classics. They are the perfect casual or “lifestyle” shoe, originally intended for and named after Aussie tennis great Rod Laver. While performance shoes for all sports, tennis included, have long since passed them by, in terms of functionality, technology and comfort, Rod Lavers now live a different life altogether.

Wear them with shorts on the weekend while running errands, or to the beach, or pair them with chinos and a polo shirt for a night out with friends, heck some men actually wear them with suits. Lavers are clean, fresh, predominantly white with a pop of color (either green or navy blue if you’re traditional), and inexpensive ($65); creating an unrivaled and indispensable footwear choice.

Don’t believe the hype, check out the web for the moanings of devotees of the Rod Laver during the year and a half “dark period” when they were not available. You don’t gain such a following unless you’re doing something right. Happy Summer!

The Adidas flagship store is in downtown NYC:

Adidas Store
610 Broadway
New York, NY

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