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Gone are the days when daughters cooked like their mothers...

Now they drink like their fathers. Oh my!

So is this really a problem?

It all has to do with where you are coming from.

From the guys point of view, this is a Godsend. Beautiful vixens getting so plastered that they will easily give away sex to fellows way beneath them on the mating scale. Yes, some really hot women wake up with a guy they’d never look at except for their inebriation.

From the girls’ point of view, some would say abuse of alcohol is liberating. They can finally look for parity in one of the guys less enviable traits, partying all night only to throw up in the end, and yes, waking up with someone they just can’t imagine why - ugh!

From the parents’ point of view, this behavior is disgusting. How many parents want to see their daughters screwing indiscriminately and ending up at the white porcelain alter praying to God for another chance at staying sober if He would only get them through the hangover? Or even worse, find out that their daughter is carrying the child of some Neanderthal, Cretin or gangsta rapper.

From the social workers’ point of view, the more alcoholics and the more single-moms living in poverty and dysfunction, the more job security.

From the distillers’ of spirits point of view, it means a bigger bottom line.

From the medical establishment point of view, it means more research funding into managing behavioral problems and medical maladies like how to treat alcoholism, cirrhosis of the liver and the pathophysiology of sexually transmitted diseases that have never before graced this green-earth.

Maybe we were better off when the women cooked like their mothers or attained jobs like their fathers without falling for the negative behaviors that are bringing many women down to the level of the guys.

One can only believe that the guys win here, and they most certainly encourage behaviors that let them achieve their goal – easy, indiscriminate sex with no attachment or responsibility.

"How about another drink and then we can go back to my place?"

Think about it ladies.

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