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'Gomorrah' is a hotly anticipated drama series

Italian mafia stories can be risky but are often very popular. 700,000 viewers watched the premiere of Roberto Saviano’s true mafia crime bestseller "Gomorrah" reported Hollywood Reporter on May 8, 2014. The Weinstein Co. has acquired this incredibly popular story for the U.S.

Images Italian writer Roberto Saviano who wrote the novel 'Gomorra' which exposed the mafia in Naples.
Images Italian writer Roberto Saviano who wrote the novel 'Gomorra' which exposed the mafia in Naples.
Samuel Aranda/Getty Images

The pilot episode of the ambitious Italian mafia series "Gomorrah" was shown on pay-TV channel Sky Atlantic/Sky Cinema, which is controlled by 21st Century Fox. The dramatic series is based on Roberto Saviano’s best-selling investigative book dealing with the Naples mafia, which is called the Camorra. It is also based on the feature film which has the same name by Matteo Garrone. This film won the Cannes Grand Jury Prize in 2008.

Marco d’Amore stars as as Ciro in the first 12-part season of Gomorrah as the right hand of a brutal Camorra godfather. The godfather is sent to prison and Ciro seizes his chance to attempt to become a mafia boss himself. Ciro runs into conflict with the rules of the clan. The godfather’s wife Imma, played by Maria Pia Calzone, and his son Genny, played by Salvatore Esposito, move in to give Ciro trouble. A rival mafia clan, controlled by Salvatore Conte, played by Marco Palvetti, takes advantage of the power struggle as an opportunity to wipe out his enemies.

Saviano spent five years researching the book "Gomorrah" reports Frontline. He worked undercover at a mafia owned construction site and waited on tables at a Mafia wedding. Saviano received a series of death threats after the release of "Gomorrah" and has needed police protection. Saviano has made the realities of the power of the Italian mafia come true on the screen. He will have to be very careful which cops now offer him protection for as this story helps show us the Italian mafia is for real and has inflitrated every sector of our society.