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Golovkin stops Adama in seven


The knockout streak is now at 16.

WBA middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin (29-0, 26 KOs) needed only 19 minutes on the first day of February to put away game Osumanu Adama (22-4, 16 KOs) at the Salle des Etoiles, in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

The unbeaten Kazakhstani bomber stalked Adama, 33, from the opening bell. He cut off the ring and stung Adama with hard overhand rights. When those punches missed, which was rare, he countered with sharp left hooks.

Adama, who was born in Ghana, but trains out of Chicago, Ill, used his jab, but was consistently outmaneuvered. He was unable to slow Golovkin down.

Golovkin, 31, utilized his advantage in strength from the opening round. His jab layed the ground work for what followed. Two right hands floored the challenger at the end of the round.

In the second stanza, Golovkin patiently worked over Adama. A minute later he landed a barrage of shots to the head and body. Adama took the punches well and tried to fight back. His left hook found Golovkin at the end of the round.

Golovkin connected with two left hooks to the head of Adama in round three. He walked into a strong right hand and smiled.

In round four, Adama had success with his left. Golovkin connected with an uppercut. Adama landed his own shots to the body. The massive underdog had come to fight. The defending champion shook him with a big left hook.

Adama kept jabbing and moving in round five. He hadn’t won a round, but Golovkin’s nose was bleeding. Golovkin worked his head and body. Adama connected with a right that made Golovkin step back. Adama attempted to follow-up, but by the end of the round was on the defensive as Golovkin unloaded heavy punches to his head and body.

In round six, Golovkin landed a four punch combination that hurt Adama. The challenger was running out of steam. He spit out his mouthpiece. He was fighting like a man walking the plank. Golovkin stayed close and floored him with a short left. Adama hauled himself up, but was hurt and unsteady.

Golovkin wanted to end things in the next stanza. He stalked Adama like a hit man setting up his prey. A strong jab sent Adama to the canvas for the third time. The gutsy battler got up punching, but it was only a matter of time. The stoppage occurred after Golovkin connected with two thudding left hooks.

There was no protest from Adama's corner.

The time was 1:20 seconds of round seven.

“This win was very important for me, “said the soft spoken Golovkin in the ring after the fight.

He is scheduled to be back in the ring April 26.

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