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Goliath grouper swallows shark: Watch it! Grouper gulps down 5-foot shark

A grouper swallowing a hooked shark in one goliath open-mouthed gulp reminds us of one thing when it comes to the ocean’s food chain succession – there’s always a bigger fish out there. Chasing food one minute, becoming chow the next. Fishermen working the 5-foot shark were only a few feet from hauling their catch aboard when the hungry grouper simply opened its mouth and knocked back the shark in one effortless bite.

In a Reddit post, Gimbb14, the viral YouTube video's author, described the astonishing sight, writing that they previously had a grouper on the line along with another shark but the same (much bigger) grouper tried to take away their prized catches each time.

“Ran out to the reef at around 8am yesterday and wasn't having much luck. Put out a chum block, set down some blue runners on the reef and waited. Had a goliath grouper take and brought him up, as I brought him to the boat, the monster goliath shown in the video came and tried to steal him… About 30 minutes later I had about a 5-foot nurse shark take and brought him up. As I was dehooking the shark, the goliath came back and inspected but didn't attack him. Finally, about an hour after the nurse shark, I hooked the blacktip [shark] behind the boat in the chum slick, and then the hilarity in the video began.”

The men were fishing the Gulf off Florida's Bonita Springs north of Naples this week.

According to, the “unlucky fisherman remains unidentified but has become an instant web sensation. His video posted under the You Tube user name Gimbb14 already has more than three million views.”

Mammoth groupers can weigh close to 800 pounds and are known to grow up to nearly ten feet in length.

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