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Goliath grouper swallows shark, steals 4ft shark from stunned fishermen (+Video)

A goliath grouper swallowed a shark in one bite, and the video of the four-foot shark being swallowed up by a goliath grouper right in front of the eyes of some stunned fishermen has gone viral. As of Aug. 21, only two days after its publication on YouTube, the video titled “Grouper eats 4ft shark in one bite” has received nearly 10 million views. According to a Discovery News report on Aug. 21, goliath groupers can grow to about eight feet of length and weigh nearly 800 pounds.

Goliath grouper swallows shark, stole 4-ft shark from stunned fishermen (+Video)
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Gimbb14, who uploaded the video to YouTube, described in a Reddit post what happened just shortly before the four-foot shark was swallowed up in one bite by the goliath grouper.

“Little backstory: Ran out to the reef at around 8am yesterday and wasn't having much luck. Put out a chum block, set down some blue runners on the reef and waited. Had a 15lb goliath grouper take and brought him up, as I brought him to the boat, the monster goliath shown in the video came and tried to steal him. About 30 minutes later I had about a 5foot nurse shark take and brought him up. As I was dehooking the shark, the goliath came back and inspected but didn't attack him. Finally, about an hour after the nurse shark, I hooked the black tip behind the boat in the chum slick, and then the hilarity in the video began.”

The fisherman, who identifies himself as Gimbb14, was fishing at the beginning of August off the coast of Bonita Springs along Florida's Gulf Coast with some other fishermen when he thought that he had finally some luck (after much patience) when he had hooked a black tip shark. Little did he or the other fishermen know that the goliath grouper had even more patience and strategically stole the four-foot black tip shark from the fisherman – in just one bite.

Even though the video of the goliath grouper stealing and swallowing the four-foot black tip shark from the fishermen is only 47 seconds long, it is priceless because it includes the fishermen’s reaction. As many fishermen are aware of, goliath groupers are critically endangered after 80 percent of its population has been slashed during the past 10 year. Their tremendous size, and apparently smarts, certainly deserves reactions like those that can be heard on the video by the fishermen: “Oh my God, did he just eat it?” "Did he just eat the fr___ng shark in one bite?" [Followed by a lot of laughter and a big smile].

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