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Golfers must pay more than 15 cents to play the 15th hole at Chick Evans

A winding cart path is obvious in this photo.
A winding cart path is obvious in this photo.
© 2013 Vernon Brookins

Golfers cannot pay greens fees for just one hole. Currently, the regular, weekday, walking rate for 18 holes at Chick Evans Golf Course is $30. The regular, weekend, walking rate for 18 holes is $33. (Chick Evans Golf Course is at 6145 N. Golf Road in Morton Grove, Ill.)

The 15th hole is the easiest, par four hole on this Forest Preserve Golf course. Easier holes are par three holes—the 18th, 10th and fourth. The fourth is the easiest, par three hole. The 14th is the easiest, par five hole.

For the 15th hole, the average distance to the putting green for the rear, Blue teeing ground is 269 yards. From the middle, White teeing ground, the average distance is 251 yards. Two hundred thirty-three yards is the average distance from the front, Red teeing ground.

This hole’s fairway is straight, and it points southeast. The fairway is moderately wide and lacks any sand bunkers or water hazards. On the right side there is a rough area that consists of closely-spaced tall grass and weeds. In 2013, this area was thick enough for at least one skunk to emerge from it. A few, widely-spaced, medium height trees are on the left side.

Having an average, 269 yards distance from the rear teeing grounds allows powerful golfers to reach the putting green with their drives. However, in my opinion, most amateur golfers drive 240 yards-250 yards. (Remember, drivers cannot apply backspin, so for golf balls to stay on this putting green, they must roll onto it.)

The putting green is medium size. It has an oval shape. This green is at the same level as the fairway. No sand bunkers are around this green.

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