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Golfer bitten by rattlesnake: Snake lunges, bites and abruptly ends golf game

Golfer bitten by rattlesnake, ends game of golf aburptly!
Golfer bitten by rattlesnake, ends game of golf aburptly!
Wikimedia Commons/ File photo

One way to end a golf game quickly is to get bitten by a rattlesnake and that’s just what happened to Steven Wiese at the 11th tee. There was no warning or rattling sound when the snake lunged at him at the Catta Verdera Country Club in Lincoln, California, according to Fox 40 on April 8.

When Wiese hit his ball it bounced off a tree and into the tall grass. He went to look for the ball and had just given up ever finding it when “bam” it hit him. He said “the minute he hit me, I knew I had been hit.”

Wiese is a Marine Corp Vietnam veteran so he had the training to know not to panic. He said:

“I had the ability to stop and go, ‘O.K., what do I need to do here?’ So I just started calmly walking back to the cart path and told the gentleman I was with that I had just been bit by a rattlesnake.”

The golfer was off to the hospital for treatment as the grounds crew at the golf course hunted down the rattle snake. They found it curled up in a storm drain and were able to flush it out with a hose. The snake was put in a box to be taken to a wilderness area.

Weise, who is OK, said it worked well as a lesson for his golf game. It gave him one heck of an incentive to keep his ball on the fairway. This is just another day living through the perils of golf!

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