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Golf: Metro Denver proves itself with the Senior PGA Championship

Ben Crenshaw plays his own course at the Colorado Golf Club in Parker, CO, host to Sr. PGA Tour
Ben Crenshaw plays his own course at the Colorado Golf Club in Parker, CO, host to Sr. PGA Tour
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Beset by strong winds and a difficult course, the “old” guys have shone this week during the 71st Annual Senior PGA Championship Tour . All eyes have also been on the Colorado Golf Club in Parker, CO, the host site for this year’s major tournament which opened in 2007. Ben Crenshaw, designer of the course with Bill Coore, were on "pins" and needles as this week is the first major championship to be played on one of their designs. The Denver Post quoted Crenshaw at the start of this week, “This course has to grow, things have to settle out a bit…This will be a great test for the club.” Early in the play, veteran player, Tom Watson said, “Ben has delivered the goods.” Read more about Crenshaw and the club’s design.

Golf is a game for all ages, although the experts spend nearly a lifetime perfecting the game. There are those, in fact, who suggest getting older actually improves the game. U.S. Open and Masters winner Angel Cabrera mused about getting older in the June Golf Digest issue. “As a young man I was extremely flexible, and my swing was very long – perhaps too long…As I got older, I lost some of that flexibility, but none of my strength. My swing became shorter and – strangely – much better.” He sums up his advice for taking the game into middle and older age. “You should welcome getting older in golf. With greater knowledge of your swing, you too can keep improving.”

The championship concludes with fourth round play today, Sunday, May 30, 2010. As of publication of this Examiner’s review, Tom Lehman holds the lead with five under par. Fred Couples, tapped as an early favorite, is tied for third place with three under.

Governor Bill Ritter declared May 2010 Colorado Golf Month at the end of April in preparation for the arrival of the Senior PGA Championship. The state’s golf course industry has contributed more than $560 million in direct revenue to Colorado’s golf economy and more than 11,000 jobs.

Golf4Fun, located at Broken Tee Englewood Golf Course serves people with disabilities in the metro Denver. Read more about sports and disabilities in several of Kathryn’s previous articles.

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Kathryn also writes as Denver Mobility Products Examiner and Denver Disability Examiner. Contact for inquiries and to suggest future topics.


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