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Golf: A metaphor for life?

Great life lessons from golf!
Great life lessons from golf!
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Bobby Jones once said: "Golf is actually played on a very short course, five inches across. It's the space between your ears." Truer words have never been spoken! After a very "challenging" round of golf the other day, I started to think about how life and golf are very have to focus your attention on what you want, not what you don't want. For example, after looking back on this round of golf, I noticed that I was focusing my attention in the wrong direction the whole day! I was saying things in my head like: "don't slice it...stay away from that trap on the right...don't hit it thin, stay down." And, of course, you can imagine what happened most of the time...I sliced it into the trap on the right! My focus was not on hitting a great shot, it was on NOT making a mistake. In life, and on the golf course, our attention should ALWAYS be on the desired outcome. Quantum physics tells us that the place we focus our attention, has the highest chance of moving into our space. So always keep your attention on your hopes, dreams and desires...even if it's only to get on the green in regulation.