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Goldsmith-Schiffman Field first facility in Huntsville for night football games

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John Hampton

Goldsmith-Schiffman Field, located in the historic Five Points area of Huntsville, has been hosting football games and other athletic activities since the 1930s. The field, with a rock wall surrounding it, has long been a part of high school athletics in the area.

Goldsmith-Schiffman Field
John Hampton

Members of the Goldsmith and Schiffman families donated property to the city of Huntsville in January of 1934. They donated the property in hopes that the city would use it to build a facility that could be used as an athletic field.

The Civil Works Administration was given the task of completing the field. The labor and building materials cost over six thousand dollars. The field was completed and opened in October of 1934. Lighting for the facility was provided by the Acme Club, making the facility the first in Huntsville to allow games at night.

The first game on October 4, 1934, set the tone for many to follow, with legendary Huntsville High School coach Milton Frank leading his team to victory over Gadsden High School. From football games to track meets, there have been a wide variety of events held at the facility over the years.

Goldsmith-Schiffman Field is a great part of Huntsville's past and present. It will also continue to host football games well into the future, as stars are born on the field.

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