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Goldmine magazine compiles 10 years of Beatle issues on CD-ROM

  Goldmine's Meet the Fab Four

Goldmine Magazine's Beatles issues have always been something to look forward to. The magazine has always had interviews, music collector information and ads that have always made it worthwhile. But the Beatle issues have been extra special, often featuring interviews with the Beatles themselves or expertly written historical articles.

The magazine has a 10-year compilation of 16 of its Beatle-dominant issues from 1998-2007 available for purchase on CD-ROM. The issues are #477, #503, #529, #555, #561, #567, #581, #608, #615, #634, #660, #671, #681, #686 and #697, all in .pdf form. The disc also includes a pdf file of internet and e-mail address links, an article index, and two book excerpts: "Beatles45PriceGuide.pdf" from "The 6th Edition Goldmine Price Guide to 45 RPM Records" and GM Collecting 101.pdf from "Goldmine 5th Edition Record Album Price Guide."

There's an interview with Paul McCartney in #671, Ringo Starr in #686 and Pete Best in #712. Others interviewed include Mary Hopkin and Pattie Boyd in #712, Sean Lennon in #697 and Sir George Martin in #477.

And given that some of these issues go back over 10 years, some of those interviewed are no longer with us: Walter Shenson and Carl Perkins in #477 and Billy Preston in #660. #561 is the memorial tribute to George Harrison.

At the very least, this archival disc will save you some shelf space with those yellowed dog-eared paper copies. But I like having this handy thing around. The news perspectives from years past are in themselves valuable. Those who like to hunt the ads will find some missing. An introductory file says some of them weren't able to be transferred to the .pdf format.

The disc is available through Goldmine's website. From now through Feb. 21, the magazine is offering a 10% discount on it with the discount code DMDG29. 

For more info: Goldmine magazine's website
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  • Lulu 5 years ago

    It's great to have them, as it can be hard to find back issues of Goldmine. However, there's the disadvantage of needing a computer to see it. And one day when that disc gets outdated... At least with "hard copies" you don't have that issue.

    I'm thinking ahead to the future and realizing I may not always be able to afford a computer/online connection. Of course by then I'll have sold off my Beatle collection anyway...

  • Mic C 5 years ago

    Awesome. The perfect gift for my husband's 64th b-day next week. And yes, it's one of those gifts for me, too. No one ever said I was ALL about altruism. :):):)

  • Steve Marinucci (Beatles Examiner) 5 years ago

    Lulu: You don't need an online connection to access the files, just a CD-ROM/DVD drive. And And the majority of computers, even library ones, have drives.