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GoldKiller Productions

This is a raise with the dream of giving people a chance to go GOLD with the own songs. Why the name Goldkiller? Arthur Newman says"t was not until two years ago when I got the idea from my son to become a producer and make other people stars. One day he was walking around the house saying GoldKiller over and over, so I asked him what did it mean, he said to have so much money you could burn it, unlimited wealth. Of course what rang in my mind was GoldKiller Productions Inc.

I have been writing songs since my first heartbreak at 14 years old, I was too shy, so only a kiss on the cheek. Then she was gone, but the reminders in all the songs recorded during that time remains even today to remind me of that tender moment.

Even though those songs were there, they healed just a little, I needed more, so I started writing, my own songs, with lyrics and a melody, no music.

I may sound different then most people, because I am not looking to be on the stage, I never wanted to be the singer. I would write the songs, and then dream of who, I would get to sing them.

When writing the songs, I would even try to sing them like the person, I thought the song would best fit. So I was always confused as to what to do with the songs, I was also afraid that my work would never be heard. "

The Goal

$1500.00 Goal 1, get a song recorded professionally, with a singer that is hungry enough to do what it takes to promote that song.

"I have already locked down a website through and parked at, and once I am funded will make it go live. Then I will post samples of three other songs like I have done here on Kickstarter. This site will be password protected. So this is another reason why you would want to fund me, because I will be giving all my backers access to this site." says Newman

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