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Golden rule week

Go back to the basics and celebrate love.
Go back to the basics and celebrate love.

The Golden Rule is to treat others as you would like to be treated. The first week of April is Golden Rule week. It is time to examine if you practice the Golden Rule in your own life.

Treating others as you should treat as you would want to be treated sounds so simple. However, when it comes down to it, it is not always that easy. We all want to be loved. But is everyone lovable all of the time?

Think about non family members for a second. Can you forgive them easily? Can you always give drivers respect when late for work? Do you care for strangers as much as you should?

Now examine within the home. When someone is having a bad day, think about what you would like done if you were having a bad day. Don't badger them and make it worse. How about a hug and words of encouragement?

The Golden Rule can be simple if we think first before reacting. Think about how you would like to be treated and then follow up with the action. This week is a perfect time to try. If you fail once, don't give up. Try again.

Imagine how much nicer our world or even our homes would be if we just followed the basics of loving each other.

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