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Golden retriever in Youngstown killed by arrow from crossbow

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A Golden Retriever named Teddie was shot and killed with a crossbow in an attack in Youngstown, Ohio on Sunday, according to an article published yesterday on the website. The article says that the eight-year-old purebred Golden Retriever was hit in the side by the arrow.

The arrow went through his body and was found on the other side. An updated article posted this morning at included more information. Teddie belonged to Rodd Coonce and his business partner, Jack Peterson. Teddie lived at the business run by Coonce and Jack Peterson, Dorian Books and Full Circle Florist, and was in the parking lot next to the building when he was shot.

According to Coonce, Teddie was bleeding when he walked back into the yard and made it to the front porch before he collapsed. The article says that police were called to the scene, and followed the blood trail left by Teddie as he tried to get home. They found fresh blood pooled on the ground next to a broken arrow.

Police are looking for the perpetrator but so far no one has been charged in connection with the case.

Attacks on dogs using arrows are not unheard of.

In recent weeks, Dr. Enrique Rimbaud, a veterinarian in Managua, Nicaragua posted on his Facebook account about several numerous cases of dogs being shot through the side with crossbow arrows. The first case to come to his attention was that of Cookie. The website reported that Cookie’s owner, Renato Franco Penalba, woke up to find her in severe pain with an arrow through her side.

Despite immediate treatment, Cookie, a Pekingese-basset hound mix died from her injuries, and when Penalba posted the information about her on his social media account, others came forward to tell of similar attacks.

Dr. Rimbaud said that as of April 11, he was aware of at least seven similar attacks in that area of Managua.

Each of the attacks has used custom carbon arrows that are not available to buy in Nicaragua, and speculation is whoever is killing the dogs this way is wealthy enough to import these weapons.