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Golden Retriever killed in dog fight at Wentzville, Mo. dog park

Pet owners often take their dogs to a dog park to let them play, get exercise and socialize with other dogs. According to a March 31, 2014 news report from Fox 2 Now, a recent trip to the local dog park in Wentzville, Mo. turned tragic for Nick Andres and his Golden Retriever, Buddy, Sunday afternoon.

A Golden retriever much like this one was recently killed at local dog park
Morguefile / pippalou

According to the report, Quail Ridge Dog Park is a popular off-leash play area where many people take their dogs. The Golden Retriever was happily playing when he was allegedly attacked by a Great Dane. The attack was so severe that the dog died right there where he lay, as the owner tried desperately to save him.

The news report states that the owner of the Great Dane “simply took his dog and walked away.” At the time of the news report, St. Charles County Animal Control was still searching for the owner of the Great Dane. Dangerous and aggressive dogs are not welcome in off-leash dog parks and owners are supposed to monitor and be aware of what their dogs are doing at all times.

Many have commented that they will not take their dogs to this park again, or any other park. Dog parks are generally a safe place for dogs to play and socialize, but as with any area, owners must still keep a vigil eye on their pet and observe any other pets that are in the off-leash area.

If you see a dog that is acting overly aggressive, or your dog appears scared, timid or is shying away from a certain dog, remove your dog from the park for his own safety. Always be aware of where your dog is and what is happening. Be prepared to take action the second a problem occurs.

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