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Golden Globes pre-show didn't disappoint in the anything can happen department

Miss Golden Globes 2010 Mavis Spencer, left, arrives with her mother Alfre Woodard at the 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards on Sunday, Jan. 17, 2010, in Beverly Hills, Calif.
Miss Golden Globes 2010 Mavis Spencer, left, arrives with her mother Alfre Woodard at the 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards on Sunday, Jan. 17, 2010, in Beverly Hills, Calif.
(AP Photo/Matt Sayles)
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I just love watching award pre-shows, especially tonight on NBC for the opening of the 67th Annual Golden Globes.

Umbrellas were a prominent theme. Stars scurried along to avoid the rain while a bold one threw an umbrella to the raincoat-clad stands. In a tuxedo with little round white girls scout-like patches, music legend Sir Paul McCartney stood next to lackluster date Nancy shrouded by a huge umbrella. Billy Bush definitely had umbrella envy and couldn’t help remarking on the size. And Gerard Butler groused over not having enough umbrella coverage while waiting for cameras to return for his interview.

Sorry, guy, but being in a couple of hit movies is no guarantee of staying dry.

There were so many stars, some appeared in little inset boxes at the bottom of the screen. I looked up just long enough to catch one crazy maniac without an umbrella jumping up next to the stands to touch a half-crazed fan.

“It’s not rain, just god crying for NBC,” quipped Tina Fey during her brief moment with the microphone. Fey said she planned to load up on champagne during the ceremony, jokingly blurting out, “Mariah Carey times” when asked about the possibility of a win.

Gotta love a mind that’s so razor sharp. Fey wasn’t the only one alluding to the brewing late night scandal.

Julia Roberts made sure agent Richard Lovett made it on camera even though Bush only greeted her companions, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. To Bush’s protests, Roberts stuck it to the network, saying NBC was “in the toilet.” Bush retaliated by pointedly reminding Roberts she had passed on the Sandra Bullock blockbuster, “The Blind Side.” He then abruptly cut away with a curt, “NBC thanks you.”

Roberts had her revenge later at the show, nabbing a prime seat next to Sir Paul. Meanwhile, the cameras kept rolling on the onslaught of arrivals.

Mickey Rourke looked positively gawd awful with an asymmetrical brown haircut half hidden under a tan cowboy hat.

Nick Cannon could hardly get a word in edgewise as wife Mariah Carey showed more cleavage than necessary in a skintight black dress that looked like it might choke the life out of her.

Sandra Bullock sported bed head chic hair, mostly swept under and to one side, but with odd little strands falling over her right shoulder. Bush half-heartedly tried to convince Bullock to wear what he called a “Golden Globe pink snuggie.” It looked more like a messed up ball of pink fuzz. When Bullock politely declined, Bush offered the ball to her husband Jesse James who promptly walked in the other direction.

But controversial fashion wasn’t the only reason I lapped up the pre-show. Almost anything can happen live on the red carpet and usually does.

Tobey Maguire admitted to losing 30 pounds in four weeks for his role in “Brothers.” Now that’s a diet I’d like to try. When he publishes the secret it will be sure to sell magazine copies. Maguire also confirmed that “Spider Man IV” is moving forward with a different actor in the lead role.

Copping to the egomaniac that he is, Quentin Tarantino admitted preparing different acceptance speeches for each nominated category. Tarantino couldn’t pull off humble even when claiming the due diligence was to avoid looking overconfident.

Like the Cheshire cat who swallowed a goldfish, “The Jew Bear” of “Inglourious Basterds” Eli Roth looked positively joyful. He was standing next to voluptuous Penelope Cruz with his arm halfway around shrinking producer Harvey Weinstein. It may have been the camera angle, but Weinstein looked as if he had shed a few pounds.

And it wouldn’t be an award show if political causes weren’t prominently front and center. This year’s ubiquitous red ribbon symbolized Haitian refugee relief. “Hope for Haiti,” a telethon quickly organized by George Clooney, will air next Friday.

Okay, now it’s off to the actual awards. Can’t wait to see what happens at tonight’s show.


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