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Golden Globes: Original Song Goes To U2

Golden Globes: Original Song Goes To U2
Golden Globes: Original Song Goes To U2

A group of young rockers, I believe they were around 17 or 18 at the time, met a man by the name of Nelson Mandela. Mandela had been a prisoner for some 20 plus years. These young rockers would have a chance to meet the man and were immediately enamored with him. For the next thirty years a friendship was born and nurtured. When the movie 'Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom' was first being talked about, the group expressed a desire to be part of it in some way. Their contribution was a song called "Ordinary Love". The sad point in all this is that Mandela died just a few days before the opening of this film. So, this song, "Ordinary Love" has become a labor of love for the man who befriended these young lads those many years ago. Out of any acceptance speech last night I can say that the one from U2's Bono and The Edge came from the heart. They truly miss their friend as much as the world does. Below is the review for the movie and please take the time to scan it and then if you haven't seen the movie please follow up and go see it. Learn why these men so loved Mandela the man.

'Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom' - Nelson Mandela (Idris Elba) came from a small village. He would study law and practice it for some time. Nelson would find that even in the law there was not equality. For in South Africa the black man was not a citizen and didn't have many rights. He would marry a woman named Evelyn (Terry Pheto) at an early age. She would leave him when he would start to work for the African National Congress.

Mandela would find strength through his friend Walter Sisulu (Tony Kgoroge) and the two along with others would step up the campaign for equality. Mandela would run into a starry eyed Winnie (Naomie Harris) who he would later marry. In Winnie he would find a soul mate. Only now they would not use non-violence but would attack with home made bombs.

The whites of South Africa wanted the blacks to have passes 24/7 so to keep track of their movement. In the township of Sharpeville a protest was planned and they were to burn their cards. The police overreacted and started to fire shots at the protesters. Hundreds would die. This was 1960. For the next three years Mandela would live underground. He would do what he could to turn the tide of the white supremacy in South Africa.

Captured in 1963, Mandela and others of the African national Congress were sentenced to life. They could have been sentenced to death but the judge did not want them to become martyrs. They should have hung him. For you see in 1963 they allowed him to live but in his living would be their downfall.

Mandela would be sent to Robben Island where he and the others would spend many years at hard labor. As time would go on Mandela would still try to push for equality. In the mean time Winnie would be jailed and not just once but several times. The White's did not want Winnie to carry on Nelson's work. So they would try and intimidate her. All this did was make her stronger in her convictions.

This is a strong movie in direction and in spirit. This movie would be one for everyone to see. Director Justin Chadwick has given us a film of the highest quality. If anything is wrong about the movie you could say that due to his long life there is so much that could have been put in it. This film does show that Mandela was a person with fault but was also a man of strong conviction. It is in his strentgh that we see just how peaceful a man he was. It is in his spirit that we see how long after we are all gone Nelson Mandela will always be remembered.