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Golden Globes Coming Soon

The 2014 Golden Globe Award show is fast approaching. Audiences know that Amy Poehler and Tina Fey are known for their comedy roles, but how will they do as hosts of this year’s Golden Globes? Some audiences will be thrilled to see these powerfully funny women hosting the awards show, but others are saying that the two women are annoying and they will not be watching this year because of the two hosts. This is of course the second year the two will be hosting. Most audience members loved them, but there will always be a few people in the world trying to spoil the fun of the night. It is doubtful that their voices will even be heard, unless they fail this year.
This year has a lot of amazing people presenting. Among the presenters are; the well-known Emma Watson, who became famous in her role in Harry Potter; Mark Ruffalo; Olivia Wilde; the entertainer of the year, Jennifer Lawrence; Channing Tatum, who started out years ago in Step Up; and many more familiar names.
The real question though, is who will win. Just a few judgments based on reviews: for Best Motion Picture, it will probably be between Gravity and Captain Phillips; for Best Actress in a Motion Picture, Sandra Bullock is a favorite; for Best Actor in a Motion Picture, it will be a fight between three strong well-known actors Tom Hanks, Matthew McConaughy, and Robert Redford; and Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper are favorites for their categories of Best Supporting actor/actress in a Motion Picture.
Only time will tell us for sure who will win. Be sure to tune into the Golden Globe Awards this Sunday to see on NBC.

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