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Golden Globes: Best Director Alfonso Cuaron

Golden Globes: Best Director Alfonso Cuaron
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'Gravity' the film didn't do as well with the Golden Globes it did at the People's Choice Awards. This time around it took Best Director. Mexican born Alfonso Cuaron was the recipient and deservedly so. The film deals with a Specialist and an Astronaut trying to do some repairs on the Hubble Telescope. Catastrophe strikes and Matt Kowalski and Ryan Stone are the two caught floating in space. Sandra Bullock carries the movie. Her performance is excellent. Cuaron brought this film together wonderfully for a very memorable film experience. Cuaron is now an A-Lister director and I can't wait for his next movie. Below you will find the review I had done on the film so take a quick read and if you haven't seen the movie, please take the time to do so.

'Gravity' - Mission Specialist Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) is trying desperately to fix the Hubble Telescope. Mission Commander Matt Kowalski (George Clooney) is trying to beat the record for the most time space walking. In other words he is having fun. Mission control (Ed Harris) tells him to help and to quit playing around. Ryan is having trouble bringing the Telescope back online when a disaster is reported.

It seems a Russian missile has shot down a satellite whose orbit was decaying. Problem this has left a lot of space debris heading for the shuttle. They are immediately told by Mission control to drop everything and get in the shuttle and head home. Abort the mission, Ryan tries to continue to finish the job. Kowalski comes at the last minute to get her back inside when debris starts to hit everything. They are able to get Hubble away from the ship but everything is getting hit with space debris.

Ryan is untethered in the incident and drifts away from the area. She is hyperventilating and can't right herself. Basically she is having a panic attack. Kowalski is able to get to her but it is a ways back to the shuttle. When they get there they see that it is hopeless to get the shuttle back to Earth and everyone on board is dead.

They try and make their way to the Space Station but it is apparent that the two can't make it together. Kowalski untethers himself from Ryan and floats away. Ryan is able to get to the station but realizes that their is a fire on board and must separate herself from the Station. Now because all the satellites have been destroyed there is no contact with mission control or Kowalski. Ryan is alone and is only a part time astronaut with only six months training. Will she die in space or will she make it to a Chinese space station and make it back to Earth. Watch the rest of the movie and you'll find out.

Director Alfonso Cuaron brings us an interesting tale of survival. The movie looks at life in space and actually shows us that every time we send somebody up in space that it could be a possibility of happening. That a catastrophe like this could occur and it could be life or death for some poor soul.