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Golden Globe 2011, Ricky Gervais trashes, Chris Colfer mesmerizes

Chris Colfer accepts the Best Supporting Actor
Chris Colfer accepts the Best Supporting Actor
Photo by Paul Drinkwater/NBC via Getty Images

The Golden Globe awards were anything but dull on Sunday night. From Ricky Gervais hosting and even offending, to the stabs the celebrities gave back when they made their way to the stage, last night’s awards were at least entertaining. The morning water cooler talk seems to focus mainly on Ricky Gervais and Glee’s Chris Colfer’s acceptance speech.

Though it is common for hosts to use friendly banter at the expense of their fellow celebrities, the extent Gervais went to was found by some fans to be quite tasteless. Rumors were flying that Gervais went too far and had been banned from hosting again, though these were vehemently denied by sources of the comedian as well as the comedian himself.

Gervais told that he was never rebuked by HFPA for his jokes Sunday night which included poking fun at the organization's president joking he’d just had to help him stand up from the toilet and put his teeth back in. Even the celebrities who were the star of the offhanded jokes were supportive when it was all over including Christian Bale noting Gervais as a genius.

Celebrity Spotlight:

The celebrities were at their best and gave funny, witty, and emotional speeches, but the win and speech that seems to have moved the fans most came from Glee’s Chris Colfer. Colfer, whose character has become a gay rights activist, was visibly shaken when he was named best TV supporting actor for his role as Kurt Hummel in Fox's Glee. Colfer not only plays an openly gay actor but is openly gay himself and admits to his battles with bullying.

Toward the end of his acceptance speech Colfer confronted those bullies saying, "Most importantly, to all the amazing kids that watch our show and the kids that our show celebrates, who are constantly told 'no' by the people in their environments, by bullies at school that they can't be who they are or have what they want because of who they are. Well, screw that, kids.”


  • Carolyn 4 years ago

    Chris was amazing at the Golden Globes. His speech was wonderful. He deserved to win.

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