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Golden dogs saying grace before they eat destined to become viral video

Four gorgeous blonde dogs lined up together at a long table and waiting patiently for their dinner somewhere in China, is destined to become the viral video of the week.

Dogs saying grace before they eat their dinners.
YouTube freeze shot

Adorable animal videos always steal the limelight, and this one as the dogs carefully watch as their handler prepares their food is no exception; before they eat the dogs are told to bow their heads in prayer.

When one golden retriever lifts his head, the dog's handler just wasn't convinced the pooch had finished saying grace, so he was told to bow his head again.

And once the dogs were finished eating, they grabbed their food bowls with their teeth and brought the empties back to their handler. If you look closely, the handler rewards each dog's desired behavior with a treat.

The YouTube video was released on April 2 and has already been viewed 111,000 times.

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