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Golden Blossom Honey is the perfect addition to any snack

Golden Blossom Honey
Golden Blossom Honey

For the perfect complement to toast, snacks, tea or anything else that might need some sweetening up, try Golden Blossom Honey, the 100 percent American iconic honey. They have recently introduced White Forest, a 100 percent organic honey sourced from the White Forest of Northeastern Brazil.

The crisp clean taste of the honey comes from the heavy rainfall during the months of January to May in Brazil, which results in a landscape full of exotic flowers and an abundance of honeybees.

The result? A full-bodied and richly sweet natural honey.

Golden Blossom Honey, the original product produced by the fourth-generation family-owned company, is one of the few honeys who source exclusively through 100% American bees. Despite crop shortages, Golden Blossom continues to source its iconic honey from the US. Golden Blossom and the Paton family pride themselves on being true to their US roots, but are very excited to introduce the organic White Forest Honey to their line of products.

With a deeper color and sweeter taste than the original Golden Blossom Honey blend, White Forest can be found at DeMoulas Market Basket locations throughout New England.

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