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Goldberg: 'Lamestream media' runs with second-hand stress angle


U.S. Sgt. Maj. at candlelight vigil. (Richards/Getty)

Most news agencies avoid the possibility that the Fort Hood massacre was a terrorist act, says media analyst Bernie Goldberg.

While prayers go out to the families and survivors of those killed or injured during the worst mass shooting on an American military base, I can't help but notice that the the majority of the rampant speculation as to what the motive might have been for Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan is flat out spin.

The investigation of the rampage which included more than 100 shots that left 13 dead and more than two dozen wounded, including the alleged shooter, Army psychiatrist Hasan, should not be about making sure we are politically correct.

There is a wealth of information that now shows that Hasan premeditated this attack ... all the while spewing U.S. policy hate and Muslim jihadist verbiage.

"We shouldn't jump to conclusions," said President Barack Obama yesterday. Well, we shouldn't jump to naive theories either.

Hasan may have acted alone, but he did have a team of enablers co-signing his rants. Now, the question remains ... Can America continue to absorb those that hate the very host that harbors them?

Goldberg can be seen and heard giving his analysis in the video below.

Note: Originally published in The Scrooge Report.


  • Simon 5 years ago

    Nobody is saying that it wasn't a terrorist act - they are just saying don't jump to conclusions. The matter will be investigated, but rash judgments just lead to problems down the line. For all we know it could be a mental problem. Calling it the wrong thing will get people riled up and in to hot water.

    Don't believe me? What about those "Weapons of Mass Destruction" that we instantly knew were in Iraq? We could have avoided a lot of spending and saved a lot of lives (our own soldiers' lives) if we had just taken the time to fully understand the facts.