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'Gold Rush – The Dirt' tells the ‘Claim Secrets’ on Discovery Channel

Tonight’s episode of "Gold Rush – The Dirt" gave the production team a chance to be the stars and find out some secrets of the miners extracted by the executive producer Christo Doyle.

Gold Rush - The Dirt gave viewers some claim secrets
Photo by David Paul Morris/Getty Images

Because Christo can never get a word in edgewise, he left out his nemesis, Todd Hoffman and preferred to speak with Logan and Thurber of the Hoffman Crew to get an unfiltered perspective of the jungle. When Todd asked who wanted to go to Guyana, both guys were in.

The production crew followed Thurber on a shopping trip to Georgetown, Guyana for supplies. It took plenty of traveling, including by airplane to make the trip, but on his list were vegetables, candy bars, bacon and hemorrhoid cream, a must have after bouncing around in a dozer all day. He could not find candy bars or the hemorrhoid cream, leaving a few unhappy people.

On Logan’s Diary Cam, he used the video journal the production crew gave him, and did a good job depicting the living and traveling conditions in Guyana. Logan filmed a red cricket that was huge and a baby Cayman that was running in their cabin. A member of the crocodile family, this was not a pet, but Logan was able to grab it gently around the neck and take it outside. They live all around their home. They also found many creatures, a turtle called Mr. Wizard, a tortoise was welcome until it pooped, an anteater with claws that made them stay away, although it had a cute face.

Logan drives the rock truck and sings a lot, then he talked smack about Christo not showing up in Guyana. He admitted it took five airplanes, and several boat rides to get there, so he chose not to come.

Melody Tallis had a diary cam for the mining in Porcupine Creek and being the only female miner there, it was interesting. She showed fun times, and her there; it ler, which is her home for five months of the year.

Then Christo invited several of the production crew to share their thoughts. They know plenty about the miners, and were willing to share. Dayve “The Suit” Hillman in Haines, AK, Simon “Dr. Love” D’Amours in Dawson, Yukon, David “Oz” Osborne in Guyana, James “The Boss” Bates in London and Christo “Mr. Prepared” Doyle in Silver Spring, Md. They mentioned that they believed they were in a remote location in the Klondike and Alaska until they went to Guyana. They used 14 cameras a day, in each location. They take about 200 hours of footage for a one hour show. Because of the remote location and lack of ability to submit their footage, each time they changed location, the crew all had a bag handcuffed to them to avoid losing it. Raw TV is the production company that films the show. Their company is in London, and with three locations where they film, it is not easy to coordinate everything. They showed the satellite dish they constructed for high-speed internet and phone communication while in Guyana. The tech room handles all the film, backs it up and transmits it to London.

They showed the camp that was built by the locals in Guyana. This was a tribute to the ability of these people, who did an awesome job creating a fully running camp for the crews to use. They had people who cooked three meals a day, built the furniture and provided the labor necessary for them to work there all the months to produce this great show.

The crew agreed, Alaska was the best place to work, with the beautiful log cabins they get to live in; and the spectacular view of the mountains and bald eagles flying above, it is heavenly.

In the Klondike, the crew of both above; it production are in very close quarters. One of the crew stated that when brushing his teeth in the morning and having Tony Beets come in is unnerving because he is barely civilized.

When Thurber was doing his laundry, he stated how much they smell after sweating in the jungle. Some guys are proud of their smell, but he stated that some could knock a fly off a turd, because they smell so bad. A few questions from fans asked things like having a swear jar for Parker and Tony Beets and Parker admitted it would have to be a big jar, and there will be more swearing to come on this episode of "Gold Rush – The Dirt."

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