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'Gold Rush – The Dirt' finds ‘Freddy’s Gold’ on Discovery Channel

Friday night’s episode of "Gold Rush – The Dirt" gave the production team a chance to speak personally with the mining crews and the executive producer Christo Doyle.

Gold the ultimate find on Gold Rush - The Dirt
Wikimedia Commons

The question on everyone’s mind; where was the elusive Freddy Dodge in this episode titled, “Freddy’s Gold.”

In the first segment, Christo spoke with the guys from the Hoffman crew; Mitch Blaschke, Kevin Hiatt and Andy Spinks. Christo wanted to get straight answers from the guys without Todd around. With lots of downs, and hardly any ups in the first few months, they described how it was hard as the claim owner was breathing down their necks, as their tried to justify their existence in the jungle.

When a fire, took out a pump and then took out Brian, they were in a bad place, and had to give a second thought to why they were there. Kevin said the next jungle they mine, better be Hawaii.

Christo got to speak with Fred and Dustin Hurt, the Dakota Boys, who seldom agree on mining choices. Dustin described his experience at the top of the mountain in Cahoon Creek. Below it was nearly 80 degrees, but at the top, they froze their asses off. The lightening storm was treacherous, and the big horned sheep were not happy to see visitors. When Fred took a flight over Cahoon, with an experienced bush pilot and gave viewers a glimpse into how the land has changed over time because of melting glaciers. He suspects that there is plenty of gold there and even described the fault line between a red and green mountain. When Dustin’s first dig gave no gold, Fred showed his son where to dig next.

When the crew got to meet with Freddy Dodge he produced giant chunks of gold that he found after he left the jungle. Freddy would not reveal where the gold came from, but he and his brother found the gold. Christo also stated that Freddy either built or was involved in the construction of every wash plant that has appeared in Gold Rush. Freddy stated that the hardest thing was reading the ground in the jungle. Freddy is also an accomplished hunter and in 2009, he bagged the largest Canadian moose with a muzzle loader. The moose weighed 1,600 pounds and had antlers that spanned 67 inches.

Christo introduced fans to Matt Kelly, who was the brain behind Gold Rush who discussed the impact of the show, that many seemed to think would bomb; including Christo.

The Hoffman guys answered some viewer questions, like one from The Netherlands, as to what they would do if they did not have the chance to mine? The answers ranged from working in the tree business, to fixing broken equipment, but something Kevin would not be doing is raising spiders or teaching anger management on this episode of "Gold Rush – The Dirt."

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